How ADAS Works

What is ADAS?

ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. It is a tech feature in newer vehicles to improve the safety of drivers. A man made machine interface to enhance the driver's ability to react to collision risks on the road. This system helps reaction times of drivers with early detection warning systems. The ADAS is built into certain vehicles but there are aftermarket systems and features that are attainable to add later in time to vehicles. ADAS has future plans for bluetooth vehicle to vehicle to increase communication to drivers and safety of driving. The system was first introduced in 1948 by Ralph Teetor with the Modern Cruise Control within his Speedostat. Since then, ADAS has improved and gained popularity worldwide.

Why is ADAS Important?

Accidents being caused by human error enabled room for ADAS in vehicles. The advanced safety assistance systems were made to boost safety all around including safe driving habits. There are two groups ADAS can be put into: the one that automates driving such as the automatic emergency brake system; and the one that improves drivers’ awareness on the road such as lane departure warning systems. Lane departure warning systems involve Blind Spot detection warnings. They work with the blind spot sensors/monitors to help let the computer know when to give you warning so you don’t switch lanes and get into an accident. Our tools are primarily for this feature in vehicles when rear end or lane switching collisions occur. Since ADAS has been added to vehicles, it has decreased collisions, fatalities, and injuries.

Why ADAS Aiming Blind Spot Alignment Tools?

Our CJP-907, CJM-908, and CJD-909 Tools Are Designed To:
  • Save time and money by , cutting the time needed to re-align the BSD/BCW radar sensor system, found in any vehicle with blind spot sensors.
  • These tools are designed to identify any mis-aligned sensor collision repair shops by accurately measuring with a , state-of-the art, one-of-a-kind tool to make in-house precise re-alignment a possibility.
  • Provide factory precise horizontal and vertical measurements to ensure maximum restoration of any vehicles BSD/BCW, ADAS system.
  • These alignment devices are light weight ,durable and compact and need little space. No need for Specialized storage and can be used in any service bay.

How It Works