Why Adas Aiming CJ-TOOLS

The BSM correction models: CJP-907,  CJM-908 and  the CJD-909
Are three of our new ADAS precision measurement tools to hit the market by ADAS AIMING All of these tools will save time and money for dealership and/or body shop, ADAS collision repair, or automotive repair shops.
The CJ tool line up from ADAS AIMING are essential for today's body shops. After a rear end collision no pre-scan will alert you of a misaligned radar sensor. Once this Radar alignment tool is set up ,you quickly get the measurements of the vertical and horizontal angles and see if they are in factory specs. If misaligned these tools will give a VISUAL reference on proper alignment.
This will allow you to add time to your repair estimate to align the radar sensors to factory specs.

The CJP-907 plate tool ,  CJM-908™ Mat tool and CJD-909™ Deluxe tool are designed to:
  • Save time and money by , cutting the time needed to re-align the BSD/BCW radar sensor system, found in any vehicle with blind spot sensors.
  • These tools are designed to identify any mis-aligned sensor collision repair shops  by accurately measuring with a , state-of-the art, one-of-a-kind tool to make in-house precise re-alignment a possibility.
  • Provide factory precise horizontal and vertical  measurements to ensure maximum restoration of any vehicles BSD/BCW, ADAS system.
  • These alignment devices are light weight ,durable and compact and need little space. No need for Specialized storage and can be used in any service bay. 
  • calibration devices