Why Adasaiming.com

Why RadarCollision.com


Everyone in the collision industry is well aware of the abbreviation “ADAS“ Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. 

 At adas aiming our goal is to enable ALL body shops affordable ,quality adas tools.

 we have collaborated with HPE Automation and Direct Tech Inc for precise CNC machined specialized Tools  to create adas alignment jigs.

These Precision measuring tools designed for the body shop to quickly and accurately measure any blind spot radar that is mounted on the vehicle. 

Precision measuring tools

These tools are a must-have for any body shop working on today’s late-model cars. Currently we are selling three versions of this tool. The CJD-909, the CJM-908 and the CJP-907. All three tools offer incredible accuracy. 

Depending on the volume in your shop you can choose the best tool to fit your needs.