What is ADAS?

ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. It is a tech feature in newer vehicles to improve the safety of drivers. A man made machine interface to enhance the driver’s ability to react to collision risks on the road. This system helps reaction times of drivers with early detection warning systems. The ADAS is built into certain vehicles but there are aftermarket systems and features that are attainable to add later in time to vehicles. ADAS has future plans for bluetooth vehicle to vehicle to increase communication to drivers and safety of driving. The system was first introduced in 1948 by Ralph Teetor with the Modern Cruise Control within his Speedostat. Since then, ADAS has improved and gained popularity worldwide.

How Do BSMs Work?

Blind Spot Monitors are electronic detection devices. These devices are attached to the vehicle’s frame (on most vehicles) in the rear corners underneath the bumper. The BSMs send out electromagnetic waves/radar wavelengths to detect other objects or vehicles in the Blind Spots. To simplify it, the BSMs use a similar detection system to echolocation. The waves are sent from the radar and bounce back from the object in the radar’s sight. Then it immediately sends the detection and alerting the driver with either a warning light in the exterior side mirror or making audible sounds in order to avoid a collision.

Why ADAS Aiming's Tools?

Our CJ-Line of Tools Tools Are Designed To:
  • Save time and money by , cutting the time needed to re-align the BSD/BCW radar sensor system, found in any vehicle with blind spot sensors.
  • These tools are designed to identify any mis-aligned sensor collision repair shops by accurately measuring with a , state-of-the art, one-of-a-kind tool to make in-house precise re-alignment a possibility.
  • Provide factory precise horizontal and vertical measurements to ensure maximum restoration of any vehicles BSD/BCW, ADAS system.
  • These alignment devices are light weight, durable and compact and need little space. No need for Specialized storage and can be used in any service bay.
  •                                                                                Our RC-Line of Calibration tools are deigned to:
  • quickly set up and find center of radar sensors.
  • allow any shop to calibrate front radar sensors
  • perform ADAS services to their customers safely and cost effective.
  • This line of tools are light weight, portable and require no specialized space.

How Does The CJ-Line of Tools Help Technicians Repair the BSMs?

The CJ-Line of Tools helps the Technician(s) find the angles of the BSMs in order to adjust them back to Factory Specs. The Plate (CJP-907) and Deluxe (CJD-909) models have Rim tabs which are placed flushed with the wheel of the vehicle essentially creating the invisible Thrustline. The Mat model (CJM-908) still requires the centerline set up but you won’t have to make sure every measurement around the vehicle is precise because the centerline is the only requirement needed to set up this tool. The collection also includes RSA units that are vertical rulers which finds the horizontal angle of the blind spot sensor or bracket. Each one has visual references on the tool for the naked eye to see where the misalignment is when measuring the sensor/bracket. The CJM-908 and CJP-907 both have lines which give the most precise measurements when done correctly. The CJD-909 does not have the lines since this tool is the most advanced out of all three models. The plate on the Deluxe model is small and has a precisely straight frame so when measuring the horizontal angle, the protractor provided is just lined up with the frame of the plate and the base of the RSA unit. The RSA unit and protractor find the horizontal angle against the center of the vehicle. The Inclinometer, also provided in each kit, helps find the vertical angle. To clarify further, the inclinometer by itself cannot find the horizontal angles of the BSMs; only the vertical.

Why ADAS Aiming's Radar Calibration Tools

Adas Aiming is a collaboration of over 30 calibration shops. With over 1 million calibrations performed.

Adas Aiming's tools are deigned by Adas technicians for Adas technicians. With the focus on precise, fast, patented easy set up procedures.
We pride ourselves in making our tools user friendly and and accessible to all shops that want to be in the Adas business. The biggest obstacle in setting up a ADAS calibration shop is finding the right tools.
ADAS Aiming has removed all the guess work and the sea of over-engineered, over priced equipment. The most common calibrations are front distance sensors and blind spot radar sensors.

How It Works